Saturday, May 07, 2005

Today, our farmers' market re-opened, and we welcome it! Our Saturday morning ritual, since we've lived here, is to attend the farmer's market. This early in the spring, there are usually more flowers than fruits and vegetables, but it's still fun, and nice to be out in the weather, communing with our neighbors. Some of the local coffee shops always set up tables, and people can laze around, drinking coffee while their kids play together.

The Bee loves the farmers' market, not least because of the prevalence of baked goods that are sold there. And somehow, while in the winter and during the school week, we rarely let her eat sugar for breakfast, landisdad and I find it impossible to deny her the joys of a fresh, homemade cider doughnut and a cup of lemonade. The Sweet Potato loves it because there are always people walking their dogs, and he gets to point and yell, "dog! wooh, wooh!" (although he won't say no to a doughnut, either).

Usually, there is some local band or individual singer playing under a tent. Lots of folks today were out in sweatshirts, but as the morning wore on and the sun came out, we all started stripping them off. A local real estate firm was giving out balloons to all the kids, and we soon had some tied to our wagon. We ended up buying some bread, and an organic chicken, and some handmade soap, and some leeks. We talked to a candidate who's running for our local town council.

The farmers' market is one of the best things about our town. I love the fact that, every week, for more than half of the year, we have a common ground to meet in with our neighbors. It makes me feel like we live in a real community--it's like living in a European village, with a town square, where everyone comes for something, once a day.

• Posted By landismom @ 5/07/2005 04:54:00 PM
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sounds wonderful! we have a farmer's market that sounds similar, we don't get to it very often though. We probably should though, because the kids love it (there are wonderful big old climbing trees!) and we like it to, always run into friends there. Something to do next weekend.
chip, what is it with those kids and trees? (g) I think everyone should have a farmer's market. What's better than fresh tomatoes and corn?
what's better than fresh corn and tomatoes? How about freshly baked gooey, sugary, delicious sticky buns? Oh yeah. and climbing trees!
mmm...sticky buns. See, now you've got me drooling on my keyboard.
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  2. My daughter is the Bumblebee. My son is the Sweet Potato. You'll have to ask their father.

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