Monday, January 31, 2005

working at home

So I just got this new job that allows (!?) me the luxury of working at home, sometimes every day. AKA, I work for a company that doesn't have office space in the city that is near me, and consequently, I have to work out of my house. There are a lot of things to like about this. For one thing, it is an excuse for me to put the baby in daycare, and still hang out at home wearing the same clothes that I wore on the weekend. For another, there is no one hanging around noticing that I am blogging, instead of working on one of the many projects I should be doing.

When I decided to take this job, the things that I saw as the disadvantages were things like not having anyone to go to lunch with, and in fact, not going to lunch at all, but eating crap that we have around the house. On the plus side--free! (or at least already paid for).

But what I'm finding is that the real disadvantages are all related to me. I'm way too cheap to turn the heat up beyond what it would normally be at on a weekday when no one is home, for one. Consequently, I am typing this wearing my fingerless gloves and a scarf, and feeling like one of the more pathetic Dickens characters. Also? in a real office? someone else cleans the bathroom & empties the trash. What's not to love?

Finally, there's a distressingly honest part of my personality that won't let me do stuff like go to the grocery store while I'm supposed to be working. Okay, so I am sitting here typing this while I should be working, but I literally don't have anything to do right now. Why is it that leaving my house for a non-work-related errand feels like ripping off the company, while typing on a non-related website doesn't feel like theft?

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